By day or by night, there’s always something to enjoy at the Terrazzo Lounge, Park Terrace Hotel, New York City. You can start your day or wind down at the Terrazzo Lounge. Tourist or in town on business? Take a look at these 5 reasons to visit the Terrazzo Lounge at the Park Terrace Hotel, one of the best restaurants near Bryant Park:

1. Breakfast

This is where breakfast becomes a thing of beauty. You’ll find New York City favorites at the Park Terrace Hotel, including Murray’s cheese, Zucker’s bagels, and pastries from the Doughnut Plant. There’s also a curated yogurt bar, a large selection of seasonal fruit and a large selection of freshly squeezed juices. Breakfast at the Terrazzo Lounge can be the highlight of a wonderful NYC day.

2. Caffeine

Remember when coffee was the ultimate caffeine delivery system? It still is, thanks to the fine people who brew rich, full-bodied coffee at the Terrazzo Lounge. You’ll drink the good stuff: Italian-roasted espresso; a full array of fresh, full-bodied La Colombe coffee, and sumptuous selections of hand-crafted Tealeaves teas.

3. Cocktails

Sightseeing in New York City can make a person plenty thirsty! Thankfully, the Terrazzo Lounge offers a long list of cocktails designed to satiate, surprise and delight. Each one is inspired by Bryant Park and the city itself; crafted with care by master mixologist Gates Otsuji, a founder of Swig + Swallow. Sample delicious fresh, all-natural cocktails mixers for discerning imbibers.

Enjoy drinks designed to make you blush, dream, feel like you’re walking “barefoot in the park” or a Broadway star. Or opt for the Terrazzo’s signature cocktail, The Parker; a boozy little, gin-filled number featuring basil, elderflower, lemon and raw blueberry honey topped with cornflowers. Of all the reasons to visit the Terrazzo, the cocktails might just be the best.

4. Food

If it’s a mid-afternoon or late-night snack you need, look no further than the Terrazzo Lounge and its locally sourced tapas.

…It’s just the right amount of delicious.

Perhaps you’re in search of something sweet. Make sure to savor each indulgent bite from local favorites like Magnolia Bakery and Breads Bakery®.


I like New York in June; how about you? Day or night, spring, summer, fall and winter, you’re sure to enjoy the views from the Terrazzo Lounge. Below you is Bryant Park, green and lush, open and free. Above, there’s the magnificence of the Empire State Building: 102 floors of hope, dreams and all that is possible in the United States of America. The views are simply awe-inspiring.

Who would have guessed that tucked away in the Park Terrace Hotel there lies a sleek space where you can find food, drink and something for the soul? Don’t miss one of the best restaurants near Bryant Park. The Terrazzo Lounge is located in the Park Terrace Hotel in Midtown Manhattan, NYC.

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