Americano      $4

Cappuccino Hot/Iced      $7

Coffee     $6

Espresso: Single/Double       $4/$6

Flat White     $6

Latte Hot/Cold     $6

Macchiato     $7



Specialty Teas      $5


Iced Beverages

Black Iced Tea       $4

Iced Coffee      $4

Arnold Palmer      $5



Matcha Latte Hot/Iced      $7

Chai Latte     $7

Hot Chocolate      $6



by Heritage Grand Bakery


Pain au Chocolat      $6

Buttery, Flaky pastry filled with 2 chocolate batons


Almond Croissant      $7

Classic croissant filled with almond cream and topped with silvered almonds


Cinnamon Roll      $7

Classic cinnamon roll topped with sugared glaze


Pistachio Cruffin      $7

When the croissant meets the muffin! Croissant dough shaped as a muffin and filled with pistachio pastry cream


Raspberry Lemon Danish      $6

Croissant dough filled with lemon curd and fresh raspberries


Plie au Chocolat      $7

Croissant dough folded and filled with vanilla pastry cream and dark chocolate chips



Orange Juice     $6

Grapefruit Juice     $7

Pineapple Juice     $7

Apple Juice     $7

Apple Juice     $7

Lemonade     $7



Coffee Bar is open from 7am until 3pm every day


Drip Coffee and Assorted Tea by La Colombe

Pastries by Heritage Grand Bakery


Smoking and the usage of electronic cigarettes is prohibited.

Outside Food and Beverage is not permitted.

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