Tone, sweat, and unwind.

Stay Fit

Your body is a temple and we want to make sure it’s nurtured during your New York City visit. Our wellness program is designed to leave you feeling more limber, more energized or whatever you want more of after your workout. Our home away from home — Bryant Park — is host to seasonal yoga, tai chi and boot camp classes. Our in-house fitness center has a Peloton bike, cardio equipment, free weights and a sauna.

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Inside the Hotel

We’ve sweat every detail in our Fitness Center and beyond, so you can get a good workout during your New York City stay. No two workouts are the same, so we’ve put a Peloton bike in our gym and a yoga mat in every single room. Finish your workout with a visit to our sauna.

Yoga Mat in Room

Find Your Zen

Center yourself in the hustle and bustle of the city. Each room is complete with a yoga mat and resistance bands. Press the Stay Fit button on your Smart TV to follow a tailored yoga practice. You can also take our yoga mats to the park for some al fresco namaste.

Sweat It Out

You’ll find cardio equipment and free weights in our Fitness Center to tone and tighten. Guests can also take our Peloton bike for a spin with challenging classes and world-class instructors.

Peloton Bike New York City Hotel
Midtown Hotel Sauna

Heat Things Up

Keep your muscles loose and unwind after your workout with a visit to our sauna. You’ll be ready to explore the city in no time.

Outside the Hotel

Why not explore New York’s vibrant culture while you workout? From al fresco yoga classes to running routes past famed NYC attractions and sights, the City That Never Sleeps, just like everything else, has a workout for everyone.


Yoga in Bryant Park

Step Outside

Our front yard and Manhattan’s Town Square — Bryant Park — has seasonal yoga and tai chi classes. Looking for something more challenging? Sign up for a boot camp class, which meets year-round rain or shine.

Shape Up

Call or visit the Front Desk if you need our help finding a boutique studio or gym so you can keep up with your favorite workout routine on the road.

Midtown Hotel Gym
Bryant Park Fitness Boot Camp

Make a Run For It

We’ve also mapped our favorite running routes throughout Midtown. Press the Stay Fit tile on the Smart TV in your room to find your way and grab some chilled, purified water at the Hydration Station on each floor before heading out into the Big Apple.