Fall Asleep Faster and Wake Naturally Feeling Refreshed

Park Terrace partnered with Bryte to create a distinctive sleep experience package showcasing Bryte’s AI-Powered Restorative Bed™.  The Restorative Bed introduces a new standard of sleep for today’s traveler with dynamic, real-time technology that intuitively adjusts based on the individual’s needs and preferences.

The Restorative Bed provides the ideal sleep experience by learning each individual sleeper’s needs and adjusting every aspect in real-time, throughout the night.

The sensory network inside the Restorative Bed™ detects heart rate and breathing patterns to identify when the first sleep stage has begun. Then cooling features engage to lower the body’s core temperature gently, guiding you into the critical stages of deep sleep.

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Park Terrace Hotel's Restorative Sleep Studio

By Invitation Only – Park Terrace is introducing the Restorative Sleep Package. Our traditional Studio View Room is now upgraded with the AI-powered king-size Bryte Restorative Bed™.

Fall Asleep Faster. Sleep Assist gently lulls you to sleep naturally.

Sleep Deeper & Longer. Air-cooled & warmed to optimize deep sleep for each individual sleeper.

Rejuvenate Body & Mind. Proactive Pressure Control reduces discomfort, stiffness & nighttime waking.

To experience the Restorative Sleep Studio, please call or email Angela Pina at 646.805.4705 or [email protected].

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