Here’s how you can be eco-friendly as you explore the planet with sustainable travel hacks.

From an airplane’s carbon emissions to the plastic waste generated by tiny toiletry bottles, travel has a huge impact on the planet. Because of this, more and more travelers are supporting sustainable practices that mitigate some of the negative effects of a vacation. In celebration of Earth Day, we’ve pulled together some easy ways you can stay green while traveling.

Lather up with full-size products

You can avoid using (and then discarding) single-use hotel amenities and pack lighter by taking advantage of the luxe MALIN+GOETZ amenities that are available in the rooms at our Park Terrace Hotel. These full-size bath products including shampoo, conditioner, and body wash help cut down on waste, and they smell incredible. 

Carry a reusable water bottle

Similarly, bring along a reusable water bottle to cut down on plastic waste. Remember to empty it, though, before heading through airport security. Plus, each floor of the Park Terrace features a hydration station where you can conveniently fill up your water bottle. Also, if you’re traveling to a destination where the water may contain impurities, consider investing in a bottle that can filter and purify the water, such as Lifestraw Go or GRAYL.

Travel with sustainable luggage

If you’re in the market for new luggage, consider a sustainable, ethically-produced option that’s made from recycled materials and vegan leather and includes features such as a solar-powered charger. Even Samsonite offers hard shell suitcases made from recycled yogurt cups. Also, instead of trashing that suitcase with the broken handle, get it repaired to help cut down on landfill waste.

But no matter what luggage you’re using, try to pack lighter since the heavier the bag, the more energy needed to transport it. For example, if you reduce the weight by 15 pounds for a 10-hour flight, you can cut emissions by roughly 80 pounds. If there are 150 people on the flight, that’s a total of 12,000 pounds, if everyone were to make this change.

Reuse your towels

If you’re staying at a hotel for a few days, skip housekeeping service and hang up your used towels in the bathroom to indicate that you’re planning to reuse them.

Ditch the room key

At Park Terrace Hotel, you can unlock your room using your smartphone. Simply download the mobile app to go key free. This helps cut back on the need to recycle used keycards.

Bring a tote bag

Reduce the number of plastic bags you use while traveling by packing a tote bag that you can use to carry souvenirs and trinkets throughout your trip.

Book a non-stop flight

Flying is a major producer of carbon emissions, but you can help cut down on the pollution by booking a non-stop flight, if possible, to your destination. It’s more fuel efficient, plus you’ll avoid an annoying layover. Also, jets produce the most carbon emissions during takeoff and landing, with a direct flight the environmental impact is  minimized.

Use public transportation

Catering to both business and leisure travelers, our Park Terrace Hotel is situated in the center of New York’s Midtown Manhattan, next to Bryant Park, conveniently located near public transportation and within walking distance from many top attractions, restaurants, and shops. This allows guests to easily navigate the city without having to rent a car or use a ride-share service, helping to cut down on fuel emissions within large urban areas. Also, consider booking biking or walking tours, instead of ones aboard large buses, so you can enjoy the destination like a local and help the planet.

Buy carbon offsets

Choose to offset your travels by buying credits to support carbon reduction projects or renewable energy initiatives. Many airlines feature travel offset programs that allow you to add the offset to your cart when buying your plane ticket. You can also calculate your carbon footprint for an entire trip by using resources such as Atmosfair and CarboTax, then purchase offsets to compensate for the impact to the climate.

Slather on eco-friendly sunscreen

According to some scientific research, sunscreen may be contributing to the death of coral reefs. Oxybenzone, a common UV-filtering compound, was found in high concentrations in the waters around popular coral reefs in Hawaii and the Caribbean. The chemical kills the coral and deforms its DNA in immature coral, making it unlikely for them to develop properly. So consider packing a reef-safe option (that doesn’t contain oxybenzone or octinoxate), or wear clothing like hats and rash guards with broad-spectrum UV protection.


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