“Take it all in, it’s as big as it seems. Count all your blessings, and remember your dreams.”

These wise words were written by legendary singer-songwriter Jimmy Buffett and capture perfectly the feeling you’ll have when you drink in the NYC cityscape from the Park Terrace Hotel. Day or night, spring, summer, winter or fall, the views are breathtaking.

With beautifully lush Bryant Park across the street and towers of historic proportion as far as the eye can see, there may be no better place in the city that delivers such optical delight. It’s enough to make you believe that anything is possible, people are good and life is best lived to the fullest. So as you sit back and relax, take a look at some of the sites you’ll behold…

Bryant Park: The Urban Oasis 

Science has shown that simply looking at pictures of nature can do wonders for your disposition. Imagine what seeing it firsthand can accomplish. Bryant Park is an island of lush greenery; an urban oasis just waiting to give your senses a break from the hustle and bustle of daily living. Flowerbeds bursting with perennials and annuals, London plane trees that tower above acres of bright green grass and shrubs call to your eyes like beacons of peace. After a busy day of exploring the city, it truly is a site for sore eyes.

The NYC Skyline: History Before Your Very Eyes

The New York City skyline is, in and of itself, a national treasure, and you can appreciate many of its most iconic buildings from your perch on the Terrazzo Lounge. It offers sweeping views of some of the city’s most beloved landmarks: the Gothic, gold-brick-plated American Radiator Building; the historic W.R. Grace Building, with its 50 magnificent stories; and of course the world’s most famous office structure, the Empire State Building. Whether daytime or dark, the majestic, mighty New York City skyline is sure to inspire your sense of wonder.

Energy & Inspiration: The City That Never Sleeps

When life is hectic, sometimes it makes sense to just sit back, relax, take it all in and watch as others scurry about; especially when you have your favorite beverage in hand. It’s amazing how your heartbeat slows, tensions fade and your sense of self returns while you’re watching others tend to the day’s worries. New York City pulsates with energy and, depending on your state of mind, you can either be thankful for your current, serene disposition or take the time to gather energy for your next adventure. Either way, you’re sure to find yourself in a New York state of mind when you drink in the NYC cityscape from the Park Terrace Hotel.


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