How many times have we made an ambitious list of New Year’s resolutions only to abandon them just a few weeks later? Maybe you had a snack that’s —oops! — outside your diet or forgot to go to the gym one night so decided to skip the whole week. 

Reaching your New Year’s goals doesn’t have to be hard or painful. In fact, you can easily accomplish many of them through the single joyful act of travel. Here are reasons why you should consider traveling to fast-track your New Year’s goal completion. 

Goal: Prioritize your mental and physical health

The great thing about a trip is that you can pack a ton of health-boosting activities into a short period of time—exploring new places can invigorate your senses and stimulate the mind. It also gets you on your feet (literally!) and increases your physical activity, whether that’s taking a neighborhood walking tour, hitting the hotel gym, or embarking on an outdoor adventure. 

Studies show that immersing yourself into nature has additional benefits such as enhanced cognitive function, improved mental health, and even better sleep (exposure to natural light resets your body clock to align with nature’s rhythm). Which means that when you summit a craggy peak, dirt bike down a dusty desert trail, or stroll down a sandy beach inhaling salty sea breezes, you’ll be able to kill two birds with one stone—and check off one of your New Year’s resolutions.

Goal: Eat healthy

Despite the fact that there are many tempting and convenient unhealthy food options (airplane meals, packaged snacks, fast food), travel presents many opportunities to dine on delicious, nutritious meals. Fresh ingredients, local specialities, top-notch restaurants—these are all easy to integrate into your journey. Best of all, you don’t always have to spend time preparing meals yourself, and you’ll have more time to savor them.

Goal: Reduce stress

Taking yourself out of the daily routine can be a restorative respite that wards off burnout. Just taking time off work and stepping into a different setting can go long ways in calming nerves and reducing cortisol levels. Recharging your batteries can come in many forms. 

According to Expedia’s 2023 Travel Trends Report, well-being travel has made a comeback, with alternative forms of therapy such as forest bathing, chakra sessions, puppy yoga, laughter sessions, and fruit harvesting more popular than classic getaways such as cookery courses, sports trips, and meditation sessions.

Goal: Spend more time with family and friends

Travel isn’t just time for self-discovery and reconnecting with yourself, it’s also an opportunity to strengthen bonds with those you love most. A trip is a time for sharing experiences, deepening connections, and creating lasting memories—ones that you’re going to cherish long after you’ve boarded your flight home.

Goal: Be more adventurous

There’s nothing better than traveling to get outside of your comfort zone. Pushing your limits can really help you grow and expand your perspective. This could mean learning a new language or engaging in a different culture; trekking along a volcano rim or rafting down an advanced-class rapids. 

But being bold doesn’t always mean being crazy. Your definition of adventure could be as simple as trying a local delicacy… or connecting with someone new. The key here is to do something you might not have done before—and at the end of the trip,  come out with more knowledge, wisdom, or confidence than when you first began. 

Goal: Pursue your career ambitions

With the rise of remote work, digital nomads can work anywhere. Yes, the world can be your office if you want it to be, so you can plug away at making your project deadline or reaching your next career milestone even if you’re away from home.

But even if you’re on a leisure trip, you can still use travel to scope for new opportunities—they could be on any corner—by expanding your professional network by attending local events or connecting through business organizations.

You could also learn skills and obtain new perspectives that could be useful for your next career move, whether that’s taking a training course, learning a new language, understanding diverse people, or navigating the unexpected.


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