New York City is a concrete creative jungle with such an allure of work and play at every street corner

As the city that never sleeps, there’s always a good reason to go explore and adventure to the Big Apple. 

Here’s what to pack in your health-conscious bag the next time you’re traveling to New York City to stay well along the way.


Stay Hydrated On The Go

Staying hydrated and its benefits will come as no surprise to overall well-being. Fortunately, at Park Terrace Hotel, there are hydration stations throughout on each floor to fill up at any hour of the day. Before arriving at the hotel, and even before leaving your home, have a reusable water bottle left empty prior to TSA and fill up routinely after passing security to have a full bottle ready inflight. Upon landing, refill to have plenty of water available in the case there’s traffic en route to check-in. 

Travel tip: Have two water bottles filled prior to going to bed at night. That way, upon waking the following morning, you have at least two full 8-ounce cups available to rehydrate on cue. Pack along travel-sized electrolyte packs on hand to mix with water to reduce any fluid loss from long travel days or summer heat.

Prioritize Rest and Relaxation

Sleep is the greatest, restoring energy and keeping your overall health in check. No matter if you’re booked on a redeye, have an early morning meeting or a change in time zones, getting a good night’s sleep is crucial. 

Bring an extra layer, a blanket or cashmere poncho or scarf to stay warm, sound-reducing headphones to cancel out noise, and an eye mask and sleep buds for your flight if it’s an overnight. When it comes to bedtime at the hotel, having a nighttime routine to wind down is useful, along with having a soft pair of pants and a warm layer made of natural fibers can cozy you up to sleep well.

Boost Your Immune System

Travel always presents itself with an opportunity to catch outside viruses. However, that doesn’t have to be the case. Boosting your immune system can prevent travel diseases, keeping your energy levels high and health at its peak.

In addition to some healthy snacks that are mentioned in the following, essential oils such as peppermint and cloves can boost immunity. Having a bag of hand wipes, vitamin mixes, green elixirs or supplements that can mix easily into water for on-the-go boosts are great to pack along with you. 

Pack Healthy Snacks To Keep Energy Levels Up

Planning ahead when it comes to snacks can be a savior when on the road. While there are many health food stores in New York City, having quick access to a variety of options when you need them can nix the opportunity to grab whatever might be in front of you. The fewer the ingredients, the better.

A few snack ideas to keep in mind: eat plenty of fruits and vegetables with healthy grains minimizing salt and processed foods, all add to greater levels of immunity. Vitamin C-packed foods that travel well can include peeled oranges, melon, dried goji berries, green tea, strawberries, and pineapple to name a few. Dried bars with low sugar and natural ingredients are easy to plan ahead with, along with raw nuts and seeds to ensure hunger stays at bay. 

Bring Self-Care Essentials For The Plane and Hotel

Having a set of mini toiletries can make your hotel feel more like a home when traveling. In addition, you’ll have all of your skincare and health routine with you in a carry-on version. Bring along mini hand lotions and cleansers to hydrate, scents from home or a warm, cozy scarf to stay warm in-flight.

Further, taking best care of the mind is important as well. Having a gratitude journal, meditation app or routine, or an audio book to read and calm your mind. Any self-care routine you may have at home, incorporate that into a travel version to take with you. 

Get Around the City with Ease

Whether you’re planning for museum visits or preparing for a day of events and exploration, the weather can be unpredictable in New York City, home to all four seasons. Pack a travel-sized umbrella and lightweight layer for any rain, or even sun protection. Preferably a small hang bag or satchel that sits over the shoulder will be easier to carry venturing around and even less to check and manage going into shops, attractions, and restaurants. Flats or comfortable sneakers for miles of walking will save your feet and your legs from long hours of journeying on foot.

For the variety of outdoor markets and shopping available, bring along a reusable tote bag for purchases and snack bags for the aforementioned healthy on-the-go foods and fruits. 

Prepare the Perfect Travel Bag

Putting everything together with the right carry-on or suitcase makes traveling easier without the hassle. A suitcase with rollers, rather than a shoulder tote, makes going block to block smoother in New York City. Using packing cubes to help organize your clothes keeps them neater and less wrinkled as well. 

Next time you’re planning a trip, take some time to plan ahead and bring along wellness travel essentials to ensure a healthier adventure. Make a list, create a pre-travel routine, and it will flow with habit before you know it.

What’s in your travel bag when you visit New York City?

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